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Advantage of using SCR

Extended dive time

The Horizon offers incredibly extended dive time compared to open circuit dives, giving the diver ample time to take in the wonderful underwater environment.

  • Dive times are an average of 3-8 times longer
  • Standard nitrox gas cylinders available at the dive destination can be used
  • One or two Nitrox gases diving possible


The lightweight system is the ideal travel companion and does not require dedicated cylinders or weights.

The unit’s simple logistics allow the diver to use standard nitrox cylinders that are easily obtained from most dive destinations.

  • Complete unit weighs only 12kg for easy transportation
  • Comes with 1 bottom gas regulator set weighing 1.4kg
  • Optional decompression gas regulator weighing 1.4kg is also available
  • Combined, the Horizon unit and regulators should fit in a single suitcase, weighing less than 23kg in total – the standard checked baggage allowance for most airlines

As easy as nitrox diving

The Horizon SCR training builds on a foundation of open-circuit and nitrox diving knowledge, and the Horizon SCR controller intuitively maintains programmed nitrox mix, depending on diver preferences. Fewer bubbles allow wildlife enthusiasts to experience close encounters like never before.

  • The gas mix can be changed during the dive (using the controller) to extend dive time or decrease decompression time
  • The controller will warn the diver if an inappropriate gas mix exists

Creates a natural diving position

The Horizon SCR provides warm and moist breathing gas, and an ergonomic design that intuitively improves the diver’s trim position and comfort.

  • The shape of the Horizon unit provides the ideal, horizontal trim
  • The combination of warm gas and improved dive position makes breathing natural and effortless
  • The specially contoured, ergonomic unit includes a soft back plate, lumbar support, buttplate and padded harness straps

Fail-safe gas operation

The Horizon SCR was designed to maximize safety and ensure exceptional performance using multiple back-up safety systems and three sets of redudant electronics and power supplies. A smart, diver-adjustable HUD visual indicator informs the diver of their gas supply status using a pulsing LED light, and in the unlikely event of an electronic shutdown, the diver can switch to the BOV, ensuring a continuous and safe supply of breathing gas.

  • During a total system failure, the unit supplies an open circuit nitrox breathing gas mix
  • A sophisticated monitoring system informs the diver of how much time remains before they must replace the scrubber material
  • Regulator set(s) provide alternate gas sources that can be shared in an emergency situation

Easy to assemble and prepare

One of the key attractions of the Horizon SCR is its incredible ease of use. It is simple to set up, requires no tools, has easy access to the scrubber canisters for filling, and has non-interchangeable, color-coded, quick release corrugated breathing hose connections.

  • No tools required
  • Harness can be fully adjusted according to need
  • Nitrox cylinders can be obtained at the dive center on reaching your destination
  • No pre-packed scrubber cartridges required – scrubber canisters can be re-filled by the diver
  • No dedicated weights are required

Ready for advanced divers

For the more advanced diver, the Horizon offers a range of advantages. As well as a longer dive duration, the diver has dual gas possibilities – with the option of attaching a second cylinder with a higher O2 concentration for accelerated decompression.

  • Uses the ZH-L16C Bühlmann algorithm with gradient factors
  • Programmable bottom gas and decompression gas
  • Within operational limits (up to 40m) the unit provides decompression obligations like that of a closed-circuit rebreather

Intuitive interface

An integrated controller completes the Horizon, with a 2.8”, easy-to-read color display and optional wireless gas integration. This intelligent computer is effortlessly operated via two large piezo elements, especially when wearing gloves, and includes a scrubber monitoring system to keep the diver informed of their scrubber status at all times, and an audible warning alarm.

approved for nitrox mixes from 30% - 99% O2 (Maximum depth: 40m)